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In the News

Children's Assessment Center Empowers Sexually-Abused Children, Empowers Them to Heal, from The Grand Rapids Press, Sunday, January 19, 2014

View "Stand Up, Step Forward," a PSA created by National Children's Alliance

Local Grand Rapids artist Karisa Wilson, a friend of the Center, has written and recorded a song to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  We invite you to listen to "The Courage of One" and "I'll Stand By You."

A Gift

Imagine tucking your child in bed one night and bending down to give her a kiss goodnight, only to have her pull away from you.  When you ask why, tears begin to fall from her beautiful and innocent eyes.  Then she begins to tell you a secret that makes your world crash down around you.  She has been sexually abused--by someone you know.  Someone you trusted. 

What do you do?  Where do you turn?

Most parents call the police or Children's Protective Services.  This is a good first call.  One of our parents recently shared with us the second call she made--one that was a gift to her family.

I could have found a doctor or a counselor anywhere.  I could have taken my daughter directly to the police, and we could have moved forward from there.  But to have the Center, where everyone we needed was all there, working together to bring resolution, justice, and healing to our case . . . that was an incredible thing.

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