What can I expect on my first visit?

The Children’s Assessment Center is located at 901 Michigan St. NE, just down the road from downtown Grand Rapids. Upon entering our building, you will be greeted by our CAC staff in our secure and child-friendly lobby. Our building offers children a safe place to share their story and heal. Whether your child is playing with our larger-than-life dollhouse, our lego table, or our well-loved whiteboard, your child will feel welcome when they enter our doors.

While you’re waiting, you may even catch sight of our four-legged friend, and comfort dog extraordinaire, Jaycee. Jaycee serves as a certified comfort dog for victims of child sexual abuse. She has joined our team through the generous efforts of donors through the K9 fundraising program of the Kent County Sheriff’s Department.

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In addition to being a welcoming, safe space, our center houses a multidisciplinary team which allows information to be shared in a more timely and effective manner. This allows us to collaborate and make the investigative process more child and family-centered.

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