The KIDZ Have Rights program meets all requirement of Erin’s Law.

Erin’s Law, Senate Bill 1113-1114, Act 594, was signed into law on January 8, 2013. This law states schools in Michigan should provide age appropriate, evidence based body safety education to students beginning in kindergarten.


Prior to Erin’s Law, many schools in Kent County utilized the KIDZ Have Rights program to educate their students on body safety. These schools recognized the importance of this information, and we appreciate their support and commitment year after year.


There are, however, schools in the area not taking advantage of the program. If your child’s school does not offer an abuse prevention education program to their students, we encourage you to speak with the school principal as to how they plan to respond to Erin’s Law.


“Everyone involved in a school – staff, students and parents – needs to recognize the warning signs of sexual abuse. We educate our children on how to say no to drugs, how to stay safe in a fire or tornado and how to avoid strangers. Unfortunately, sexual abuse is a reality for some children, and we need to provide age-appropriate education to encourage them to speak up and end the abuse.” –Governor Rick Snyder


Bill 1113
Section 1505. (1) (a) Age-appropriate, evidence-based curriculum and instruction for pupils in grades pre-K to 5 concerning child sexual abuse awareness and prevention.
Section 1505. (1) (b) Training for school personnel on child sexual abuse, including training on supportive, appropriate response to disclosure of abuse.
Section 1505. (1) (c) Providing educational information to parents or guardians on the warning signs of a child being sexually abused and information on needed assistance, referral, or resources.
Section 1505. (1) (d) Available counseling and resources for pupils affected by sexual abuse.
Section 1505. (1) (e) Emotional and educational support for a pupil affected by sexual abuse to allow the pupil to continue to be successful in school.
Section 1505. (2) (a) Methods for increasing teacher, pupil, and parent awareness of issues regarding sexual abuse of children, including knowledge of likely warning signs indicating that a child might be a victim of sexual abuse.
Section 1505. (2) (b) Actions that a child who is a victim of sexual abuse should take to obtain assistance and intervention.
Section 1505. (2) (c) Available counseling options for pupils affected by sexual abuse.
Bill 1114
Section 1505a. (a) A pupil shall not be provided with the instruction unless the pupil’s parent or guardian is notified in advance of the instruction and the content of the instruction, is given a prior opportunity to review the materials to be used in the instruction, and is notified in advance of his or her right to have the pupil excused from the instruction.
Section 1505a. (b) Upon the written request of a pupil’s parent or legal guardian, the pupil must be excused from the instruction without penalty or loss of academic credit.


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