PSB Screenings

Problematic Sexualized Behavior (PSB) screenings are offered for children aged 9 and under who have not disclosed sexual abuse but have exhibited sexualized behaviors.  Parents who have concerns regarding their child’s behaviors are able to call the Center and schedule a PSB screening for their child.  During a screening, the therapist will first meet with parents/guardians to gather information regarding the child and the family.  The therapist will then meet with the child individually and, through the use of various activities, will explore possible root causes of the behavior.  If a child does disclose sexual abuse during this screening, a report is then filed and an investigation may be initiated.

If a child under the age of 10 years old has been involved in sexualized behavior with another child under the age of 10 years, our therapist will meet with all parties involved to try to understand why the child acted out sexually with another child. They will also work with all parties involved on body safety, boundaries, personal space and issues on privacy and telling. This is a voluntary service and parents can choose to have their child participate or not. Referrals come in through law enforcement, as well as parents, teachers, and community members. Any parent who is concerned with their child acting out sexually with another child can call to schedule an appointment.

For more information regarding problematic sexualized behaviors, please refer to the National Children’s Alliance: Addressing Youth and Children with Problematic Sexual Behaviors.