Family Advocacy

There has been a dramatic increase in awareness, education, specialized services, and criminal justice reform for victims of crime. These changes have promoted both healing and justice for victims. The first Victim Rights Law was passed in 1980. Subsequently, the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), and Crime Victims Funds were created to address the needs of victims and survivors.

Advocacy is a commitment based on passion, determination, and resilience. An advocate will work to build a trusting, respectful, and supportive relationship with children, teens, and families who have been impacted by child sexual abuse. The role of an advocate is to help educate and guide children, teens, and families in the aftermath of a crisis and/or trauma. Advocates provide access to needed information, specialized services, and support throughout the healing and justice processes.


A Family Advocate can help assist you through the following:

  • Crisis assessment and intervention
  • Safety planning and risk assessment
  • Assessment of individual and family needs
  • Therapy and/or medical referrals, if necessary
  • Education on access to victim’s rights and Crime Victim Compensation
  • Presence during the Forensic Interview preliminary and post meeting
  • Provision of court education, tours, support and accompaniment throughout the court process