Medical Evaluations

The CAC partners with the YWCA to provide a noninvasive medical exam.  The exam consists of a basic well-child exam with the addition of a specialized, noninvasive sexual abuse exam.

The medical evaluation also provides children (and caregivers) an opportunity to ask questions about their bodies. Children often need the reassurance that their body is okay after sexual abuse has occurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child was seen by their doctor, why is this exam necessary?
While we have total confidence in your doctor’s ability to provide care for your child’s health, the YWCA’s nurses have been specially trained in recognizing the signs of child sexual abuse. Most nurses do not have this training.

Will I be in with my child?
Your child will talk to a nurse one-on-one. The nurse will gather information from your child, talk about body safety, and ask if your child has any questions. You will also meet with the nurse to share your child’s health history. During the actual exam, your child will be given the choice to have you in the room with them during the exam. This is important to help your child regain a sense of control. Your child may change their mind at any time during the examination.

How will the doctor look for signs of sexual abuse on my child?
They will do a complete exam including looking at your child’s private parts. They will use an instrument called a colposcope, which is like a big magnifying glass, to look at your child’s private parts. Unlike an adult female exam, nothing goes inside your child’s body.

Who receives information regarding my child’s medical exam?
A report will be forwarded to the investigators handling your child’s case (law enforcement and/or Child Protective Services).