Meet Misti, Community Advocate

My role at the CAC is the community advocate. I go out into the community and educate adults on how they can prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

The Michigan ACE Initiative

ACE’s are serious childhood traumas that result in toxic stress that can harm a child’s brain. This toxic stress may prevent a child from learning, from playing in a healthy way with other children and can result in long-term health problems.

Safety at Playdates & Sleepovers

One of the questions Kids Have Rights educators are asked by children in the classroom is, “What do I do if someone gives me touches that are not safe when I am away from home?”

What Parents and Caregivers Can Do About Child Sexual Abuse.

The Nassar sexual abuse case has led many parents and caregivers to question, “What would I do if a child shares with me that he or she has been sexually abused?” 

Why Don’t People Report, and Why Is It Important That They Do?

Reporting sexual abuse means taking risks. At this point in time, most of us are aware that multiple factors led to the abuse by Dr. Larry Nassar not being reported.

Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse During Summer Activities

As parents and caregivers look ahead to the school year winding down and summer approaching, it is a great time to think about what activities, camps, sports or clubs your child will be a part of this summer.

Meet Detective Wiersema, GRPD Family Services Team

My specific role at the CAC is to investigate sexual abuse crimes involving children.

The Place Where We Work

Each Kids Have Rights lesson concludes with the opportunity for students to ask questions. There’s often curiosity surrounding “the place where we work.”

Meet Melissa, Executive Director

As Executive Director, my role is primarily one of stewardship. I work closely with the Board of Directors and Staff to ensure our strategic plan and policies best serve our clients, while supporting our staff and partners in their work.

It’s time to confront child sexual abuse in our own community.

Every day, I hear the voice of sexual abuse survivors grow louder and stronger.  #MeToo has empowered many survivors to break their silence and tell the world that they are not to blame for what has happened to them.