The Littlest Silence Breakers

Time magazine recently named The Silence Breakers as the influential “Person of the Year.” The individuals who share their stories of harassment and abuse in the 2017 issue are men and women from all walks of life, and they are to be commended for their resilience and courage. Time writes, “They’ve had it with the fear of retaliation, of being blackballed, of being fired from a job they can’t afford to lose. They’ve had it with the code of going along to get along.”

Equipping Special Education Classrooms

In the Fall of 2019, the Kids Have Rights program of the Children’s Advocacy Center was awarded a grant by the Kate and Richard Wolters Foundation to develop elementary school lessons for self-contained special education classrooms in Kent County.

The Importance of Programming

The average lifetime cost, per victim of child abuse, is $210,012.

The Boss of Their Bodies

Helping children learn to be the “boss of their body” is a fundamental step in body safety education.

Interactive Activities for Setting & Maintaining Boundaries with Children 

Using items you likely already have on hand, you can teach children about personal space and boundaries! These fundamental skills are pillars for body safety education.

Setting & Maintaining Boundaries

Teaching children how to set and maintain boundaries, as well as the importance of personal space, reinforces a key component of body safety education – their body belongs to them.

The Basics of Internet Safety

Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Kik are a few apps kids frequently talk about. While parents are aware of the social aspects of these apps, there are also many games they play with chat capabilities – allowing them to connect to people of all ages, all over the world, they don’t know.

Safety at Playdates & Sleepovers

One of the questions Kids Have Rights educators are asked by children in the classroom is, “What do I do if someone gives me touches that are not safe when I am away from home?”

Why Don’t People Report, and Why Is It Important That They Do?

Reporting sexual abuse means taking risks. At this point in time, most of us are aware that multiple factors led to the abuse by Dr. Larry Nassar not being reported.

Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse During Summer Activities

As parents and caregivers look ahead to the school year winding down and summer approaching, it is a great time to think about what activities, camps, sports or clubs your child will be a part of this summer.