Farrah’s Story

Over 1,000 children suspected of being sexually abused are brought to the Children’s Advocacy Center each year.  Farrah is one of those children and she came to us last spring after telling her aunt that her stepfather had molested her.  Several months later and after attending therapy sessions at the Children’s Advocacy Center, Farrah was to testify against her stepfather in court.

While on the witness stand, Farrah’s stepfather began to intimidate her and it caused her to be frightened.  Frightened in the same way that almost prevented her from telling anyone about the abuse.  But Farrah found the courage to proceed with her testimony, with the emotional support of her therapist.  Her stepfather was sentenced to 20 years in prison.  At the Children’s Advocacy Center, Farrah found the strength and courage to halt the cycle of sexual abuse in her life.

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