Dear Parents and Caregivers,

During this time of social distancing, the educational staff of the Kids Have Rights program understand you have a lot to navigate each day. The goal of the KHR Virtual Classroom is to provide resources and ideas for beginning or continuing body safety conversations in your home. Now is a very important time for these conversations to be happening, as children may not have the same routines or familiar caregivers in their lives. All of the tools and resources provided below are designed to make these conversations brief, age-appropriate, and accessible to all families.

Talking to children about body safety, while using age-appropriate language, is empowering for children. These short discussions let your child know they can come to you with questions and concerns, which is a fundamental piece to keeping them safe.

The Kids Have Rights Virtual Classroom is a partnership between Kids Have Rights educators, schools, and families in our community. In this classroom you will find:

  • Body Safety Conversation Videos for parents and caregivers
  • Activities to complete with your child at home in English and Spanish, for children in Kindergarten – 4th Grade