Briefly tell us about your role at the CAC.
My specific role at the CAC is to investigate sexual abuse crimes involving children. Another role I fill at the CAC is victim and family support in dealing with the trauma related to the crime of sexual abuse.

What do you want the community to know about child sexual abuse?

I want the community to know that sexual abuse is much more common in our society than one would think. I also want people to understand that individuals who commit sexual abuse crimes against children often do so under the camouflage of trusted institutions such as schools, churches, and daycare providers.
What is it about your work that keeps you here and motivated?
I feel a strong satisfaction in holding individuals accountable for crimes of sexual abuse against children. I also feel honored to partner with the CAC, and the awesome counselors here, to provide support to the victims and families of sexual abuse.
What do you hope for the CAC in the future?
My future hope for the CAC is that services for victims and families will continue to maintain an extremely high level of care.