Mandated Reporting

Are you a mandated reporter of child sexual abuse?

The State of Michigan considers you a mandated reporter of child sexual abuse if you are a physician, dentist, physician’s assistant, registered dental hygienist, medical examiner, nurse, person licensed to provide emergency medical care, audiologist, psychologist, marriage & family therapist, licensed professional counselor, social worker, licensed master’s social worker, licensed bachelor’s social worker, registered social service technician, social service technician, a person employed in a professional capacity in any office of the friend of the court, school administrator, school counselor or teacher, law enforcement officer, member of the clergy, regulated child care provider, or any employee of an organization or entity that, as a result of federal funding statutes, regulations, or contracts would be prohibited from reporting in the absence of a state mandate or court order (e.g., domestic violence providers).

This includes specific DHS personnel: eligibility specialist, family independence manager, family independence specialist, social services specialist, social work specialist, social work specialist manager and welfare services specialist.

All Mandated Reporters must report suspected child abuse or neglect to the Department of Human Services via Children’s Protective Services by filing a report online or calling 855-444-3911. You may also call your local law enforcement agency. In an emergency, dial 911.

Other adults can also report suspected abuse at the same toll-free phone number.

Mandated Reporter Training

The Children’s Advocacy Center provides mandated reporter training at no cost to you. It is imperative that all mandated reporters understand the child protection law and their role in helping to keep children safe from abuse. To schedule a personalized training for your business or organization, please visit our Professional and Community Training page. We also offer sessions that are open to anyone in the community. To register, select one of the dates below.

Upcoming MDHHS Mandated Reporter Training Sessions

Wed., Nov. 4, 2020 12p-1p

Fri., Nov. 6, 2020 4p-5p

Fri., Nov. 20, 2020 6:30a-7:30a

5% of children under the age of 18 are solicited sexually online.
1,000+ suspected child sexual abuse cases are reported in Kent County each year.
75% of childhood sexual abuse is thought to go unreported.
1 in 7 girls and 1 in 25 boys are sexually abused.