Each Kids Have Rights lesson concludes with the opportunity for students to ask questions. There’s often curiosity surrounding “the place where we work.” After providing a classroom of first graders with a brief response to this inquiry-one student wasn’t quite satisfied. “But what’s the ACTUAL name of the place you work? I’ve never seen it. Is it underground? Does it just appear when someone needs it or is looking for it? Like the North Pole kinda?”

“It’s called the Children’s Advocacy Center. Advocacy means you stand up for something-like kids…and the rights they have. An advocate is like a cheerleader…someone who is on your side.”

”Ohhhhh…so you’re like Nationwide….you know…they’re on your side too!” The rest of the students were all on the same page now and recited the jingle in unison…”Nationwide is on your side…”

A student in the back jumped up in excitement, “And so are YOU!”

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